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Pirelli Tyres – Offering Innovation and Performance

One of the biggest tyres manufacturers, Pirelli is at the forefront of innovation. Under its “Pirelli Perfect Fit” strategy, the company has developed a unique and special version of tyre for EV startup Rivian, that is expected to hit production in June 2021. Offering low rolling resistance and noise reduction features, this specific brand will also allow reduced traction, accommodating high torque output of EV drivetrain. For Rivian, Pirelli has designed a special marking on shoulder – “RIV and ELECT”. Pirelli Tyres uses “Elect” for its electric vehicle range, promising performance, safety, and optimization. Another unique feature of this product is its size; 21 inches Scorpion Verde All Season, introduced specifically by Pirelli Rivian: 275 55R21.

Interested to know more about the Pirelli brand? If you are looking to buy tyres online then Pirelli should be on the top of the list due to its extensive range, low price, and assurance of maximum safety and performance.


Pirelli dedicates 7% of its premium sales to Research and Development, utilizing the latest technology. The company is not hesitant in investing in new technologies and ingenious production process. The Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS) is the company’s trademark technology that allows reduced noise. A sound absorbing device is installed in the inner circumferential wall of the tyre that reduces the noise by half. This helps absorb vibrations and results in reduced noise as compared to the other tyres.

The Run Flat Technology by Pirelli ensures safety. Providing greater control, it allows the driver to handle the car safely even if the tyre is losing pressure fast.

SEAL INSIDE Technology helps maintain complete car control even after a punctured tyre. It takes driving pleasure and road safety to another level.


Each and every part of a tire has an impact on its overall performance. Pirelli tyres uses top quality materials starting from the carcass that impacts the structure of the tyre. Tread design and tread compound effects mileage, braking, and traction; whereas, the sidewall construction allows better control while cornering and handling. Pirelli Tires are known for their superior tread design that provides balanced grip, mileage, and water evacuation. Focusing on high value tyre market, Pirelli is constantly engaged in development of superior quality products.

The Right Tyre At Right Price

No matter which Pirelli tyres category you choose from, you will guaranteed get an optimal response in all weather conditions. Pirelli provides a unique solution that is ideal all year round. Offering practicality and functionality, Pirelli will help you conquer all terrains, highways, and roads. Ensuring effective performance levels, Pirelli tyres offer the best value for your money. Most Pirelli tires come with a 50,000-mile tread life warranty and if you buy from a reliable source then authenticity is guaranteed. Online platforms like Dubai Tyre Shop offer competitive rates and their experienced professionals can hook you up with some solid deals. To make tyre-buying as simple and hassle-free as possible, Dubai Tyre Shop also has a user-friendly search function that can look up tyres by size, brand, and vehicles.

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