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Travel with Your Golf Cart Anywhere and Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable

Golf carts are becoming increasingly popular. Their benefits go beyond transporting golfing equipment. People have found them to be very handy during vacations – especially while visiting beach destinations and camp ground. Many of them schedule direct shipping of their golf cart to the destination resort to make their vacation more fun and relaxing.

Want to ship your golf cart for your vacation?

Shipping golf carts have been made easier with shipping companies. They safely transport your golf cart to the destination in the perfect condition. You can select the preferable destination place and schedule and expect door-to-door prompt delivery. When looking for shipping companies online:

Read the reviews: You can find genuine reviews online and find one with a good reputation. You can check out Ship a Car, Inc for golf cart transport. They have excellent online reviews and offer shipping all across US. They guarantee highest level of service.

Choose preferred carrier type: You have an option between closed and open carriers. Closed carried offer high level of protection and costs more than crated. Open carrier option is comparatively cheaper but your golf cart could arrive covered with dirt and a couple of dents. It is a budget-friendly option.

Golf cart for beach vacations:

Beach vacations are about swimming, sailing, surfing, sunbathing, barbecuing and many more relaxing activities and golf carts eliminates the need to rent a car to travel to nearby places. The benefits include:

  • Carry beach gear: Instead of carrying around towels, cooler, chair, umbrella and other stuff during your beach vacation, you can load it in your golf cart and haul it exactly where you want to.
  • Beat the heat: When the heat gets too much for you walking around places, you can instead visit nearby places in your electric golf cart.
  • Easy to find parking: Hunting for parking spots can be frustrating. Golf carts occupy less space than cars making it easier to find parking spots.

  • Convenience: It isn’t always convenient to travel around in your car at all times and golf carts are comparatively a more convenient option.

Golf cart for campgrounds:

Camping enthusiasts can have an amazing camping time when they have golf carts at their disposal. They can use it to:

  • Explore the campground easily: Large campgrounds can take quite a while to walk around and not many campgrounds allow you to use your automobile for commute. You can use golf carts to move around easily.
  • Visit more sites: Many choose the campsite depending on the amenities nearby like pools or restaurants. With a golf cart in the picture, you can travel to other sites which are quieter and situated a bit further.
  • Transport camping gear: Carry camping gear and drive to your area easily using a golf cart. If you are planning on tent camping, you can use golf cart to carry necessary equipment.

Check with the campground facility if they permit the use of golf cart in their facility and carry extra hardware parts as backup since it is less likely you’ll find repair shops in the vicinity.

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