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What to Do with Your Old Car

When you buy a new car, you may be wondering what to do with your old one. If your old car is in good shape, there’s often the option to part-exchange, but this isn’t always available. Here are some options to dispose of your old vehicle and make some cash along the way.

Sell your old car for parts

If your old car is beyond repair, or simply not worth selling second hand, you might want to consider selling it for parts. Contact car dismantlers in Weston-Super-Mare, who’ll be able to give you the best price for selling a scrap vehicle. You can sometimes earn more selling your car for parts, especially if it’s the sort of vehicle that’s sought after by collectors.

Sell your car online

There are a number of sites where you can list your car for sale for a small fee. This has some advantages and disadvantages over a part-exchange:

  • You can generally make more money
  • You have to show people the car, which can take up your time
  • It takes you longer to sell privately
  • Selling privately can be a bit more hassle

It really depends on whether you have the time or inclination to sell your car, as many people prefer the convenience of part exchanging with a dealer.

If your old car has seen better days, you don’t need to take it to a scrapyard. There are lots of options for selling your car, whether it’s as a whole or just for parts.

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